Facilitating…the art of making a task easier.


Magic Whiteboard on a rollDon’t you love it when you discover a tool that is so awesome that you wish you had invented it?  One of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments?

Recently I was asked to facilitate a half day meeting in a room that I was not familiar with.  As we all know, when you ask someone, “do you have white boards”, they can answer yes, but it still may not fill your requirements.   To some people a white board could be 8” x 11” or  8’ x 11’.    I thought, why can’t I bring my own whiteboards?  Isn’t there a way to transport them in my car?   Low and behold, there is!

Magic Whiteboard on a roll!   Magic Whiteboard is similar to a cling wrap that you would cover your food with. It comes in a box and sheets are pre-perforated for easy tearing.   When you tear them apart, they do not stretch out of shape or tear.  The sheets are a milky white and about twice the thickness of cling wrap.

Being the skeptic that I am, I had to test their “clinginess”.   I took one of the sheets and wrote with the marker that they provided for free and placed the sheet on a painted wall.  It stuck perfectly.  All of the sheet had contact with the wall.   Of course, I also need to test to see if it would stick on my sound proof carpeted wall.  It actually stuck there too!   I placed this “test sheet” on my painted wall and left it up for 2 weeks.  It never budged an inch.  I am sold on this product.

Not only do they produce a great product, but the customer service is outstanding.  In your order, you get a little note from the crew that packaged your product.   It is promptly shipped and well worth the cost.

Being unsure if my favorite wipe erase markers would work, I also ordered the markers that they sell on their website.  It was not necessary, as regular wipe – erase worked just fine.

A good facilitator is ready for any type of meeting opportunity.  I keep a spare box of whiteboard now in my office for those last minute requests.  Here is the link if you want to order a box for yourself.


What products have you found that are “remarkable”?

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