Facilitating…the art of making a task easier.

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Are you thinking of hiring an independent professional facilitator?   Anyone can run a meeting right?   Not true.  There are many reasons  you should consider a professional facilitator.

CEO Influence
If you are the CEO of your organization, how can you run the meeting and participate at the same time?  Your ideas are some of the most important to be expressed.  If you are running the meeting, your biased opinion will influence the outcome.

Wasted Time
Professional facilitators study group methods for each type of situation.  Whether it is a strategic planning session,  decision making process or action planning, a facilitator can save you time and money on wasted meeting time.  If  you add up the salaries of all of the participants in the meeting, a facilitator will save you on the overall costs of the meeting.

Hidden Agendas
An independent professional facilitator can help to overcome the “hidden agenda” participants.  With skilled meeting facilitation skills, everyone participates and feels heard, yet is unlikely to de-rail the meeting.

If you would like to explore the potential of engaging a professional facilitator, please complete the form below.

As part of International Facilitation Week, we are accepting applications for small non profits for a free facilitation.  You may qualify for a “fee waived” professional facilitation, if your non profit organization has NEVER used a paid facilitator.  The facilitation can be virtual or in person.   For “fee waived” services,  travel costs would need to be provided by the non profit.   The non profit awarded the waived fee facilitation will be requested to give valuable feedback that will allow other non profits see the value in an independent trained professional facilitator.

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Facilitating...the art of making a task easier.

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