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Getting above your clouds.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is always bumpy until you get above the clouds…..How can you get above your clouds?

As I look out the window of the plane, I imagine the clouds are my “obstacles”. Getting above the clouds insures a smoother flight and a more pleasant journey to my destination.   But getting above the clouds means you, like a pilot,  have to plan the most direct path that makes the time most efficient, fewer bumps and air pockets. I liken this journey to my life in general.

As you do, I have too many things to do.   The next great idea is always being added to my list. Tasks that are fun always want to inch their way to the top of the list. Items that seem daunting find their way to the bottom, and yet, they may be the most important. It isn’t that I don’t know what my ultimate goal is, it is just that the “clouds” get in the way.

How is your life’s “to – do” list? Is it filled with the things you most desire yet are farthest from accomplishing? Does the daily life get in the way of living?

This daily challenge of getting done what is “next” keeps us from doing what should be “first”. We don’t even take time to identify what would be the smartest, most efficient item that leads us to our goal in life. We are just too busy.

If you examined your life goals and learned how to navigate around, through and over the clouds, how would your life be? Would it be more fulfilling? Would you feel like you were gaining ground towards your ultimate goal? Despite the daily grind you would feel that little bit of progress that keeps you gaining altitude?

Join me in a one hour free webinar to explore getting thru the clouds. We will do a brief overview of our flight plan, determine the best flight path to your ultimate goal and how to gain a little altitude daily and break thru the clouds. Bring your goal to this meeting and we will together develop a flight plan.

Sign up today for the one hour webinar,  and share this with your friends.

Can’t make the live webinar, no worries, email me  and we will let you know when the recorded version is ready.

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Facilitating...the art of making a task easier.

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